Diploma in Dialysis Technology

A diploma in Dialysis Technology is a paramedical course that focuses on training students in the use and maintenance of dialysis machines, which are used for the treatment of patients with kidney diseases. The course duration is typically two years, and students learn about various aspects of dialysis, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and patient care. After completing the course, students can pursue a career as a dialysis technician or technologist. Dialysis technicians work under the supervision of doctors and nurses to operate and maintain dialysis machines, monitor patients' vital signs, and ensure the safety and comfort of patients during the dialysis process. They also prepare dialysis solutions and perform other tasks related to patient care. It is affiliated with HEMVATI NANDAN BAHUGUNA MEDICAL EDUCATION UNIVERSITY – STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY.

The duration of a diploma in dialysis technology program is typically one to two years, depending on the institution offering the program. The program covers topics such as renal anatomy and physiology, dialysis principles and techniques, patient care, infection control, medical ethics, and communication skills

A diploma in Dialysis Technology is a specialized course that trains students in the operation and maintenance of dialysis machines used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The
scope of this diploma course in India is quite good, given the increasing demand for trained dialysis technicians in the healthcare industry.After completing a diploma in dialysis
technology, graduates can work in hospitals, dialysis centres, blood banks, and other healthcare facilities. They can also work in medical equipment manufacturing companies as service engineers. Overall, the scope of a diploma in dialysis technology in India is promising, as the demand for qualified technicians is increasing due to the rising prevalence of chronic kidney disease and the need for dialysis treatments.


  • Dialysis Technician: As a dialysis technician, one can operate and maintain dialysis machines and equipment, monitor patients during dialysis, and ensure that patients are comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • Dialysis Therapist: Dialysis therapists are responsible for managing the dialysis treatment process, from setting up equipment to preparing patients for dialysis. They also monitor the patient's progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.
  • Dialysis Nurse: Dialysis nurses are registered nurses who specialize in dialysis treatment. They work closely with patients during dialysis, monitor vital signs, and administer medication as needed.
  • Medical Equipment Sales Representative: After completing a diploma in dialysis technology, one can work as a medical equipment sales representative. They help healthcare facilities and providers purchase and maintain dialysis machines and equipment.
  • Medical Equipment Service Engineer: As a service engineer, one can install and maintain dialysis machines, troubleshoot issues, and perform repairs as needed.


  • Apollo hospitals
  • Dr Lal Path labs
  • Fortis Hospitals
Diploma in Dialysis Technology
Course Information
  • Course Id: HS - 105
  • Timings: 10.00am - 3-00pm
Paramedical School

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